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The Easy-to-Use Tilemap Editor

A free level design tool to craft beautiful 2D tilemaps right in your browser using any tileset.

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Fast Integration with Game Engines

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A simple, Web-Based level editor

Focused on art direction and simplicity to quickly design levels.


Import any tileset

Load your tilesets using simple Drag-and-Drop or clipboard paste.


A tileset for a 2D tilemap


Draw with tiles

Craft your levels using an intuitive tile map editor with single or multiple tile selections.

Tile Map Editor

Designing tilemaps with tiles


Export in one click

Directly export your map as a native Unity, Godot or Defold tilemap.


Export to game engines like Unity and Godot

Auto-tiling and Collisions

Sprite Fusion includes an easy-to-use auto tile system right out of the box for swift terrain design.

Auto Tile

Seamless Game Engine exports

Simply export your tilemap as a Unity package, Godot scene or Defold assets, with no custom code – simply drag and drop it into your engine!

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A tilemap in the Unity game engine

Easily save, load, and share your tilemap

Sprite Fusion can export your projects as compact JSON format, enabling effortless sharing.

Hazmat Pixel Art - Level 1

A 2D map designed for pixel art platformer games

Mining Odyssey

A colorful tilemap

Spritesheet Dashers

A top down game with pixel art tiles

Tiled Map Retro Simulator

A retro style 2D tilemap

Free, forever

Design your tilemap directly: absolutely free, no login necessary.


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    Commercial use

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    Unlimited projects

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    No login required

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    Works with major browsers

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question, feel free to ask on our Discord server!

What is Sprite Fusion?

Sprite Fusion is a free tilemap editor and game design tool. It allows you to design 2D maps for your games, and export them to Unity or Godot or any game engine.

What is a tilemap?

A tilemap is a 2D map made of tiles. Tiles are small images that are repeated to create a map. Tilemaps are used in many games, from platformers to RPGs.

How to make tilemaps in Unity?

Sprite Fusion can export your tilemap as a native Unity package. You can then import it in your Unity project, and use it in your game.

Does it works well for mobile games?

Yes, Sprite Fusion is meant to be used also for mobile games. It supports native map export for Defold, a very cool game engine used for mobile titles.

Can I use it to make retro games?

Of course! Sprite Fusion is perfect for designing retro games. And good news: it have built-in helpers for GB Studio, an easy-to-use engine to make Game Boy games!

How much does it cost?

Sprite Fusion is free (woot!) and you don't need to create an account to use it.

How do I import my tileset?

Sprite Fusion supports drag-and-drop and clipboard paste. Simply drag your tileset image into the editor, or copy-paste it.

How do I export my tilemap?

Sprite Fusion can exports your tilemap as native Unity package and Godot Scenes. But you can also export your map as a JSON file, you can then import it in your game engine of choice.

Does Sprite Fusion support collisions?

Yes, Sprite Fusion supports collisions. You can set any layer as a collider to use collisions in your game.

What is Auto-tiling?

Auto-tiling is a feature that allows you to automatically place tiles based on their neighbors. It is useful to quickly design terrain map.

Where can I download Sprite Fusion?

No download is required! Sprite Fusion is a web-based editor. You can use it directly in your browser, on any laptop or desktop device.

Is there a desktop version available?

Not yet! But we are working on a desktop version of Sprite Fusion. Stay tuned!

Can I use Sprite Fusion for commercial projects?

Yes, you can use Sprite Fusion for commercial projects, no need to pay or ask for permission. In fact, let us know if you do in the Discord. We will be happy to share your game!

Does Sprite Fusion work on Mac?

Yes, Sprite Fusion is a web-based editor, it works on any modern device.

Do I need a gaming laptop to use Sprite Fusion?

No, Sprite Fusion is designed to run on modern devices but no need for a gaming PC.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us on our Discord server.

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